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Hultsfreed Hayride is a rock 'n' roll festival which is held in Hultsfred every summer. It's our own event and of course we produce everything in house. Layout, bookings, promotion.

Approximately 15 acts on the three stages, a lot of DJ's and a lot of vintage cars.

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An invitation for Campus Hultsfred Kick-off.

Website, logo, business card for Patric Engqvist Produktion AB.

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A poster for The Hultsfred Festival. The monkyI did all artwork for the festival between 1997-2002. At that time The Hultsfred Festival was THE major festival for contemporary music in Sweden.
CD booklet and label for local act Lifvens. The monkey has been doing their artwork for several albums.

Website and logo for food supplier Middag Med Mera. You can order a bag with groceries you need for a week and she delivers both the recipes and all ingredients at you door. You have to cook it yourself but that's the fun part of the whole thing.

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Website for The Nomads. The monkey did an update of the layout. Don't need to say anything about The Nomads - one of the best rock 'n' roll acts ever.

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Website for Andre Hakwinsson, Swedish artist and musician. Plays in several bands.

Take a look at his website.

Logo and an add for Rock City, Hultsfred Sweden. Rock City is a building and a cluster for new actors in the music business.
A promo poster for Black Sabbath. It was made for MNW Distribution when Sabbath did they're Scandinavian tour in 1998.

Website for Swedish surf act Mike Barbwire with The Blue Ocean Orchestra. All artwork by Mic Baro. Site fabrication by the monkey.

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Topur poster for Nikki Hill Scandinavian Tour 2013. The Monkey are the tour promoter and doing all promotion.

Midsummer Jamboree, Finland June 22
Rocket Room, Stockholm June 26
Liseberg, Gothenburg June 27
Victoriakällaren, Vetlanda June 28
Hultsfreed Hayride, Hultsfred June 29